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Figis one of the most popular food/gift catalogs is running a scam on their customers. As a customer you receive a tantalizing catalog along with an ad that says you are "preapproved" for a 3 pay credit plan where the 1st payment is due on 2/14/13.

When you call to place your order and get to the end, this preapproved credit turns into "your credit will be sent for approval". Why would it be sent for approval if the customer is preapproved? Then, if your credit is not approved, yor order is cancelled and you have no idea this has happened unless you call in to the company. All this time you have been thinking your order is being taken care of and being sent to you or the people you are sending gifts to.

If you were lucky enough to find out your credit was rejected, not your only option is to place the order again and pay with a credit card. If you say I am preapproved then what's the deal! I know figis values are not what they used to be. Which was - customer - customer service - satisfaction guaranteed.

I strongly urge you to bring the 'preapproved" status up to them when you place the order and question them how you will know if your credit is approved or not.

This is a scam to get more business, but it angers many customers.

Where will figis draw the line - this is an out right lie.

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For my pre approved catalog place my order not going on over my limit. Place the order got it in 5 days

Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States #1261811

Figis sucks. The food is of the lowest quality available.

The packaging is of the worst quality too. So basically you get some crappy second rate peanuts that taste like cheap plastic packaging.

Yummy. Save your money.


They send you and email saying it is being reviewed and they send an email saying whether your order is approved or not and they send an email when your order is shipped. Sounds to me like this person just has really bad credit and is passed cause figis.com won't give them anything on credit


How do I cancel my order


Same thing just happened to me. On top of scamming, they were rude.

How can they run your credit without your SSN? I canceled the order and will never deal with this company again.


Figis sucks at everything, I got someone else's order (much less then my actual order) and after several calls and being stuck on hold and Left on hold! I started receiving bills.

I called and called, nothing was solved so I was ripped off and had to pay basically $50 each for the 2 tiny buckets of popcorn that I didn't even order and had to explain to 4 people what happened to Their presents.

I was sooo embarrassed and pissed at the same time. No one should have to deal with this ***.

Massillon, Ohio, United States #763189

Waited on line to talk to customer service.. said it would be 10-15 mins first time.....waited 52 mins, Hung up...called back again said 10-15 mins was my wait time waited 38 mins them I Hung up!!!

Talked to customer service this morning, and said a superviser by the name of Katie would call me later ... NO CALL BACK I'm PISSED


I feel you on that. They did the same thing to me with the exception of running my credit nine times.

I'm very disappointed as well. Next time I know to use a better company.

Baltimore, Ohio, United States #734412

Walter Drake does that also. I placed and order and was told if it was rejected, then I could pay for it, and perhaps my "next" order would be approved for credit.I had to call as when I went to use the source code, and click pay with thier credit, it would not go thru to the final order confirmation.

Seems alot of companys do this now. I personally think to say your are "pre approved" whe your really not, is misleading. Certainly not rright.

:roll :eek

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