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I received as a holiday present smoked salmon and baby Swiss cheese from Figis Gifts in Good taste in the mail, could not believe the presentation of the gift compare to other food catalogs. instead of been shipped in a nice box the salmon was package in a thin red corrugated box and the Baby Swiss Cheese in a clear wrap, they shrink wrap both items together and slap the address label on top.

The box was all crush, the presentation was horrendous, that If it I was sending a gift like this, I would have been very embarrassed with the recipient. The whole thing is so unappealing that it make me very nervous to eat it. When I went to the website to check their prices I could not believes how expensive they are and they can't make it more appealing and more exciting for the person who is receiving the gift to open, they should be embarrass! So Merry Christmas garbage can and enjoy the salmon!!!!

and when I called the company to let them how the package was received they did not apologize. I would not recommend this company for gifts, Can't rate how it taste because I do not feel like ending with food poison, so if you order from this company do at your own risk !

Should have taken a picture and posted for people to see, FIGIS GIFTS IN GOOD TASTE???? THE NAME SHOULD BE CHANGE TO FIGIS GIFTS IN BAD TASTE

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