I ordered only once and i never got past them sending it out of the factory!!!! i called customer service and some quality employee was very rude so that's where we went with the whole conversation.the food might be good but i would never give this place another dime of my money.

i don't know how they stay in business.i emailed them and tore them a new one but as you all know they wont respond to it i am sure. so do yourself a favor spend your money at a place that will value you as a customer.

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It has happened to me too! I was assured I'd get my items on Xmas.

Then they claimed they tried to reach me which is bull and then I was told I'd get the items today December 29th.

Not delivered! Plus I ordered a full dinner for Xmas and I never got that.

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, United States #704943

Figi's took care of problems, but "customers" think they know what they are doing ordering and THEY mess up their own orders or don't place an order and THINK they did and want to *** and moan because they didn't get off their lazy butts and find something in the stores. THEN complain because THEY did not read the shipping/handling guides etc...

I could go on, but I have an idea---READ!!!!!!!!!! PLUS get your confirmation number at the end of the order instead of flying off on some customer service agent and YOU talk anyway you want to people...NOT, you get treated like you treat others..I have ordered MANY times from Figi's with NO problem.

Love to get a look at your order..bet YOU messed it up and just do not want to admit it. I see you "tore them a new one" through email, coward..get a life and stop blaming others for YOUR mess ups!!!!!!!!!!!

to figishappycustomer #801562


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