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  • From mobile
  • Oct 21
  • #940949

Girlfriend just put in christmas orders for her family, delivery for Christmas. All family got their gifts this week!!! She called them, they will give her 20% off her next order!! I just told her that is not acceptable. I'll be calling in her behalf. Dont order from this company.

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I ordered a snowman xmas pan , with 3 difftent popocorns. First of all , i ordered it because i really wanted the pan. Pan is crushed and dented in, damage. Then the regular popcorn and cheese popcorn is nothing but a few regular size pop and 85 percent is nothing but a bunch of little cumbs. I totally got ripped off. For $34.00 i got ***. Big disappointed. My order number is 216-35817-0030 My account number is 22-286396965 I should recieve... Read more

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I order a sheet set when i received my item it was a fleece set something i did not want. So i call customer to tell them my item was wrong she then switch me to a supervisor who was so rude to me tells me i had to pay 8.99 to return the item she then proceed to tell me it was my fault i order the wrong thing and you still have to pay 8.99. I told her you are rude person you don't suppose to talk to your customers like that and then tell them... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 23
  • #905684

Customer service,lot to be desired. They readwhats on screeni in front of them,and not listen to problem at hand All customers are nkt wrong. Ya need to listen or employ proper personal !!!!

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Made my order for Christmas 2014.Figi's double mailed part of my order.I called Customer service. They said don't send it back it was parrishable.The representative said my account would be corrected.Got my payments.The bill was right.I paid it.Now 7/08/16 I get a notice from a collection agency.Called Figi's Customer service. A very rude woman said she didn't want to talk about it.I am contesting the charges.They are very Crooked.Don't ... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 28
  • #873302

Yes I just received bill for my order and I was supposed to get free shipping but they charged me for it???

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Very difficult to make on time payments on line. Only shows to make two payments. I make all my payments on 3rd of month but then up pops another one due later in the month. I have stopped ordering because of this on going problem.

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 11
  • #863966

Figis is terrible very plain and very simple,even after you ordered the ammount allowed they still bombard you with catalogues eventhough you call them and tell them you dont wish to order anymore at this time they should respect the customers wishes.

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  • From mobile
  • May 13
  • #847230

Package came mashed and melted.

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At Christmas time I ordered gifts. Did not make payments, I paid for the entire order. Then at Easter I ordered another gift for two little boys. Order was addressed wrong so arrived late. Paid all but two dollars of the Easter gift. Now they say I owe 15.00 in late charges and then an amount that is back to what it was before I ordered the Easter order. I will NEVER order from them again. Do not want their catalogs. I am through with... Read more

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